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Saturday, December 31

Photo A Day Project 365, Success!!!

My year long project has now finished. It was a great success. I only missed a few days here and there and I made all sorts of amazing photographs that I would have totally missed otherwise. I have learned a totally new way of looking at the world and now constantly notice all sorts of things I would have missed before this project. I also got a huge amount of practice and opportunities to expand and improve my photography. This project has taught me so much and has also been a great way to record my year. I now have a wonderful collection of artistic and journalistic photographs from my entire year.

I have enjoyed this project immensely and have made some very wonderful photographs. I am planning on printing a selection of my best photographs from this project in a book so as to have a physical record of this project, a portfolio of my work and an artistic product to sell. I will post here once I have finished all the formatting and photo-picking.

I have also started a new project for the year 2012! In my Weekly Photographic Challenge project I won't be trying to make a photograph every day but will try to create a photograph in my mind then see if I can find a way to make it with the camera, The idea is to have each photo or collection of photos be a more challenging self assignment. For example one weeks challenge might be to make a photograph of the full moon rising above the cityscape or what I am doing for my first week capturing the creation of bread. You can find my blog for this Weekly Photographic Challenge at this link, , or through my website.

I hope you have enjoyed following this project and hope you will also enjoy my new one.

Colby Abazs

Day 365 Science Guy

Science Guy

I volunteered at a first night event in columbia MO. we stood around and greeted people, held open doors and answered questions. And we got to watch the science show for the kids. But really it was not only for kids and was loads of fun. I as usual was trying to photograph everything and made a few that I liked. This one is my favorite because it is such a great representative photograph of the science show. He would blow on the bucket and a huge cloud of smoke/steam/whatever would come billowing out and all the kids were scrambling to try and touch it. Really great fun and this photograph shows it all.

Friday, December 30

Day 364 Downtown Church

Downtown Church

I was walking around downtown columbia looking for the post office and checking out the sites. It was a nice overcast day providing nice soft light and interesting backgrounds. The clouds were a little gray in this photograph but the soft light was still nice. I like the composition with the different layers of the church both in height and depth. I do wish the peak of the middle spire didn't intersect with the main spire.

Wednesday, December 28

Day 362 What Is It?

What Is It?

I was having a real low motivation today so late at night I decided to photograph a really boring lamp. It is one of those kinds that points up and bounces the light off the roof. I placed it under a particularly low roof and played around with contrasty shaped I could make. I actually ended up having some fun with it all and I think I made an interesting photograph if not an especially spectacular one.

Tuesday, December 27

Day 361 Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Laura's family has several birthdays right around christmas, this was one of them. I like all the different ways everyone is going after the cake and what really makes this photograph for me is how the one little girl is looking directly at the camera even though no-one els is paying the least bit of attention. This girl doesn't really like me although she would occasionally let me be in the same room as her or even in a chair near her. I think she is just taking her time getting to know me first.

Monday, December 26

Day 360 A Walk Along The River

A Walk Along The River

Today a bunch of laura's family and I went on a walk along the river. It was very enjoyable and not too cold and we saw a dead coyote. I like this photograph because I like the angle looking down the fallen tree at Laura and a cousin walking along it with the river and city in the background.

Sunday, December 25

Day 359 Holiday Candle

Holiday Candle

There were lots of candles burning this holidays much to my pleasure. I like this photograph because I like the composition and how the red and green tablecloth harmonizes well with the red candle wax.

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To see my online portfolio and/or purchase prints of my work please visit my website,, or email me at