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Monday, January 31

Day 31 Icy Soda

Icy Soda

Web bought this can of soda and wanted a picture of the icicle growing out of its top. I liked this picture out of the ones I took because of Web's nose and eye intruding in on the picture. It looks very close and investigative almost staring the ice down.

Sunday, January 30

Day 30 Double the Smile, Double the Love

Double the Smile, Double the Love

I like making cute pictures of people around Scattergood, especially couples. I liked this one because Alan and Oriana both smiled very nicely for the camera. Usually when I try to make pictures of people they give me weird faces or fake looking smiles but not this time, yea.

Saturday, January 29

Day 29 Catch the Pizza

Catch the Pizza

Today I made many random Photographs. This photo is pretty awesome because John is a really good cook and he threw the pizza crust for me. It is a very impressive feat of throwing and catching the pizza and I was happy that I caught it on camera. It took a few tries to get a picture of it in the air.

Friday, January 28

Day 28 Movie Night

Movie Night

Every Friday night the senior store has a movie night. The movies range wildly mostly based on what is on hand. There is always a good turn out and we usually have a good time. There is free pop corn and a fun atmosphere. I like this photo because it tells a lot about the senior movie night with the pop corn, lots of people crowded on couches, and of course the movie.

Thursday, January 27

Day 27 Cat Love

Cat Love

There is this cat that lives on campus here at Scattergood. He was a stray but was taken in by the Wolf-Camplin's. He often can be found wandering around campus and is always wanting attention. Laura, my girlfriend, really likes animals even though she is allergic to them. She was cuddling with jet so I made a bunch of pictures of it. I liked this one best out of them all because I also like cats and this really shows a shared love between cats and us. So I made a bunch of pictures of it. I liked this one best out of them all because I also like cats and this really shows a shared love between cats and us. 

Wednesday, January 26

Day 26 Down Hill Skiing

Down Hill Skiing

Today a large portion of the school went down hill skiing. This is an amazing day that happens every year and is our one and only snow day. Those of us that don't want to go skiing can stay on campus and relax but I have always chosen a day of skiing. Picking todays photo was extremely hard. I made over 300 pictures today and many of them were really neat photos. I chose this one because I am very proud of it. When I made this image I came to a realization that I am becoming a good photographer. I was sitting on a moving chair lift and looking behind me over my shoulder. I saw this image coming together in my mind and had a split second to get ready and take the shot. This is the kind of shot that often goes wrong and doesn't turn out how I pictured it. Why this one is so significant to me is because I did catch exactly what I was trying to under very challenging conditions.

Tuesday, January 25

Day 25 Watch the TV

Watch the TV

Today my Government class watched the State of the Union address. It was a good speech and we had fun crowding into a very small space with a very big TV. We even got cake and brownies so all was good. I liked this picture because everyone, with the exception of Mary who is checking her knitting, is looking so intently out of the frame. They are looking at the TV but the picture doesn't totally tell you that. There are a few signs though like Dave holding a remote and the fact that TV has an eery way of drawing people in, like Rachel, Jarrett, Leah, and Dave all are.

Monday, January 24

Day 24 Flying


Today I took many random pictures around Scattergood campus. This was one of my favorites because I like the angles and lines created by the posture and because it makes me think of flying. This was during a workout in the Fencing class. They go through all sorts of crazy, and photogenic, poses and I made many pictures.

Sunday, January 23

Day 23 Computer Lights

Computer Lights

Today I waited to the last minute to take my pictures. I did however post this picture on the same day I took it which is a first. A friends at school, Colin, wanted some pictures of his computer since it's a pretty awesome one. It has all sorts of blue lights on it and I really regretted leaving my tripod in a different building. The bright blue glow created a great erie feeling and I liked that stark outline that the hoses gained.

Saturday, January 22

Day 22 Wink Fun

Wink Fun

Tonights Saturday night activity was playing wink. Wink is a Quaker game that is played by one person, the winker, saying a category. everyone els is in pairs similar distances from the winker. If the person of the pair that is in the front fits in that category then they try to get to the winker and kiss them. Their partners job is to try to stop them from doing that. This game involves loads of wrestling fun and a healthy amount of rug burns. It also makes for some great photos. I like this one because I tink it really sums up the game of Wink.

Friday, January 21

Day 21 Playing Pool

Playing Pool

I really like the angles made when people play pool. Today I took some time to get some nice pictures of Ki-Yea playing pool. I liked this shot because it took ful advantage of all the angles and contains some suspense as you wonder if she makes the shot without hitting the 8 ball in.

Thursday, January 20

Day 20 Golden Spears of Ice

Golden Spears of Ice

Today I noticed this tree that was literally Covered with Icicles. Later on the way from class I noticed them again now with the beautiful golden sunlight lighting them up. I immediately got my camera and made many photographs. Out of all of them I liked this one best because of how the sky is such a rich clue and really complements the icicles. 

Wednesday, January 19

Day 19 Jump and Score

Jump and Score

I was taking pictures for class and ended up trying to capture the basketball players. I had much more freedom of movement since it was only practice and not a game. I got bored of eye level shots so I laid down on the floor almost under the net. I only managed to get this one shot before they took a break in practice. I really liked this shot even though the flash had way blown out the player.

Tuesday, January 18

Day 18 Snow or Ice?

Snow or Ice?

I am continually trying to get good close up pictures of snow. It is a very challenging task because the snow is so intactly complex and is often all the same bright white. This photo was taken after a beautiful fluffy snowfall and I was really excited by how much detail of the complex geometric shapes can be distinguished.

Monday, January 17

Day 17 Remnants of Fall

Remnants of Fall

I love this picture because of how the fall decorations are still surrounding the Scattergood welcome sign but everything has been covered with fresh fluffy snow. I also like the contrast colors of the golden brown hay and corn to the white wintery surroundings.

Sunday, January 16

Day 16 Piling Fun

Piling Fun

There is this couch in the main lobby at Scattergood. This couch often changes because of its heavy use causing breakage. One of the regular and awfully fun activities on that couch are pileups. This was a fun pileup and the prospective student even joined in.

Saturday, January 15

Day 15 Me and Howard

Me and Howard

I really liked how quirky and sharp me and my good friend Howard look. I have not taken many self portrats and was excited how well this one turned out. You can only barely tell that my arms are holding the camera.

Friday, January 14

Day 14 Flash Motion

Flash Motion

Today there was a juggling show. The stages lights were not bright enough for the speed of the juggling so I used a flash. I ended up slowing down the shutter speed and got this neat shot of Ramsey Applauding the show. Why I like this so much is because the flash went of at the end of the shutter releas making the cool effect of movement then static detail.

Thursday, January 13

Day 13 Snowy Soccer Sunset

Snowy Soccer Sunset

I am taking a photography class at Scattergood and we were photographing just as the sun was setting. I had made a nice picture of the soccer field last winter for a different project but wanted to try to make some more. I liked the way the snowy and unused soccer field looked with the sunset. I wanted to make it clear that it was a soccer field so I put in the net.

Wednesday, January 12

Day 12 Life in the Snow

Life in the Snow

We got a beautiful snowfall recently and everything was so beautiful, but hard to photograph. I really liked the set of footprints leading off to the snow covered bench. The deck is a very notable feature at Scattergood and I really like to snowy tail that this picture tells.

Tuesday, January 11

Day 11 Senior Store

Senior Store

Over break these two really comfortable bar chairs showed up at the senior store. Scattergood Friends School has a small store that sells snack food and is run by the senior class. It was very exciting to see nice new furniture show up after break and I liked the composition that they made with how they were sitting.

Monday, January 10

Day 10 Flags


In the main lobby we have this string of flags with designs from all sorts of religions. It is a very beautiful display with many bright colors. I appreciate the diversity that is represents in the school and really liked this photograph of it.

Sunday, January 9

Day 9 Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Today I and almost all the Scattergoodians returned to school. As usual there was a lot of hugs, screaming, and general excitement at the reunion. I was very happy to be back and made many photos of all the greetings. I chose this photo because it is a nice angle of the main lobby which is where much of the festivities take place.

Saturday, January 8

Day 8 Running Wolf

Running Wolf

Today I spent all day traveling to get home from my visit at COA. I unfortunately did not make many pictures due to most of my time spent in airports. However on the final stretch I was driving along the road and a wolf crossed ahead. I immediately started getting my camera out. It stood about 3 meters(10 feet) off the road in clear view unfortunately I did not have my camera ready yet. It then ran off into the woods with me chasing it and getting this shot. It was an amazing encounter but I am saddened that I wasn't ready to take advantage of when the wolf was standing so close and posed so well.

Friday, January 7

Day 7 Painted


While I visited COA I stayed in the Seafox "dorm." It is actually an old house. It defiantly had its hundred year old house creaks and character. One of the neat and beautiful features was this piano that was horribly out of tune but had been painted in bright colors and interkit designs. I really appreciated the duel arts of music and painting so I decided to add photography to its art by photographing it for all to see.

Thursday, January 6

Day 6 Hungry Gull

Hungry Gull

I hiked from COA into the town of Bar Harbor. This town has a fitting name because there is a gravel bar that leads to a near island. This bar is dry durring low tide and I had been wanting to hike across it to the island and take pictures there. Unfortunately the tide took its time to go down and I was stuck on the town side until most of the light had gon. I did however spend over an hour sitting on this rock near the bar making photographs of all the birds that were feasting on the freshly exposed clams.

Wednesday, January 5

Day 5 Island Lake

Island Lake

I visited College of the Atlantic in Main for a few days. Walking along the seashore I ran across an area where pools had formed from a storm. It was very cold and most of the pools were frozen making this really deep blue ice. This particular pool caught my attention because it reminded me of Lake Superior near my home and it had these really steep and tall "mountains" holding it together.

Tuesday, January 4

Day 4 Nothing :( yet

I unfortunately missed to take pictures today due to lots of traveling. I will, however, be taking a representative photography when I find just the right one.

Monday, January 3

Day 3 Winter Homestead

Winter Homestead

Today I had decided that I would take the time and large effort to hike with snow shoes up to the dome, a big cliff, above my family homestead. We have many pictures of the homestead from the dome during the summer but non from the winter because it's a little too much work climbing all the way up there in the cold and snow. It was a successful trip, although I came down, before the sunset. I actually took this picture on the way back home when it was getting dark fast and I was getting cold faster.

Sunday, January 2

Day 2 Hanging Color

Hanging Color

This evening I was looking for photo opportunities in the fading light. It was cold and snowy outside and I really was hoping that I wouldn't go outside. I was trying to find things to photograph from inside that would still take advantage of the beautiful sunset light. I tried to get a picture of the sunset through the prism but then got this beautiful picture of the christmas gift my family had gotten.

Saturday, January 1

Day 1 On My Desk

On My Desk

Today, I was working on my computer when I remembered that I didn't make any pictures yet. I looked up at my desk and noticed a bottle of lens cleaner sitting with a soft cloth. I used them both earlier to clean my computer screen and left them on my desk. It was laid out nicely so I photographed it. I liked this picture the most out of all my shots today.

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