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Monday, February 28

Day 59 Rocking Out

Rocking Out

Today we had a performance from a band from Wisconsin, Andy Juhl. It was during study time which was unfortunate but a great break. The music was good and of course I made many pictures as is my habit. There were many pictures and it was hard to pick one to separate out but this one just had a nice quality and told the story of the night.

Sunday, February 27

Day 58 Play the Keys

Play the Keys

I had a little bit of a low day with my photography today. I have been making hundreds of pics a day recently but that ended today. I did however get this photography that I really like. This is a really old and out of tune piano living in the student lounge at Scattergood. I really like the framing with the old wood surrounding almost all the borders. I also really like the very small depth of field. It would have been interesting to play around with different depths of field and locations of the focus along the keys.

Saturday, February 26

Day 57 Quizzical Gaze

Quizzical Gaze

Today I continued my focus on portraits, I have recently been exploring this type of photography a lot. There was a band that Lorraine is in that played for us at Scattergood. I made many pictures, portraits, and I really liked this one. It was a hard choice and I had to get Laura to help me but This picture was unique. I like the angles of her shoulders leading into the fram then her head turned leading you back out. She has a great expression and I like the sharp clarity from the tip of the nose to the ears and hair.

Friday, February 25

Day 56 Corner


Today I did not put much time into making my picture for the day. I did manage to get a few somewhat interesting shots. I like this one because of its simplicity. It has some nice diagonals and small details but also has a lot of open space and smooth gradients.

Thursday, February 24

Day 55 Sleeping in the Main

Sleeping in the Main

Today I found this group of people sleeping on the couch in the main lobby and Scattergood. I couldn't resist so a made a few pictures. I made a bunch of really neat pictures of basketball but this one had the best memories so I chose it as my photos for today.

Wednesday, February 23

Day 54 Clinging Leaves

Clinging Leaves

Today I was trying to focus on a small area so as to notice more details and possible photographs in that area. It was a gray cloudy day so this was a perfect time to work on macro photos. I liked this one because of the brown everywhere. I also liked how the leaves clung onto the branch all winter up until spring.

Tuesday, February 22

Day 53 Bright Light

Bright Light

Today I challenged myself to take a bunch of pictures without leaving my room. I have read about this creativity stimulating task in many places but had never done it. I found it very rewarding. I have already photographed my room and the dorm extensively but needing to focus on such a small area made me notice small details and compositions. I liked this shot for the color that the florescent light spread across the shade. I also like the shine of the metal.

Monday, February 21

Day 52 Tree Ice

Tree Ice

I loved this photo opportunity. Unfortunately I struggled to get a good shot of it. After many tries I got this shot which is not great but I liked it enough to edit it up and since the focus was not great I decided to do something funky with it. I made the icicle a dark blue. It makes it a weird shot but I like it.

Sunday, February 20

Day 51 Heat Vent

Heat Vent

Well today I waited till late in the day, night, to make my pictures. Then the worst happened, I had camera malfunctions and missing batteries for my flash. I ended up only getting this one shot that turned out at all. Luckily I actually like this picture. I like patterns and the contrast of light and dark does good things for me as well.

Saturday, February 19

Day 50 Love = Cats

Love = Cats

I love cats. I was at the Scattergood Farm doing chores when the cat that lives there came visiting. She is an amazingly adorable cat and was very eager to get pet and pose for the camera. At first I was snapping pictures of her, then I noticed that my settings were all wrong and they were totally white and overexposed. I then readjusted and snapped away again. There was a lot going on today to make pictures of but I still ended up favoring the lovely pets. I like this picture because of the sharpness and the pose of the cat rubbing up against my camera bag.

Friday, February 18

Day 49 The Big Dipper Above

The Big Dipper Above

I got pulled away from a movie by a friend because I "had to take pictures of the moon." It was a beautiful harvest moon large and orange rising in the east. I have not yet mastered making pictures of the moon so non of mine turned out very well. I did however make a few pics of the stars. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but have been waiting till I get my remote so I can reduce camera shake and use bulb mode effectively. I did manage, with the help of lightroom, to get thi shot of the big dipper.

Thursday, February 17

Day 48 Live Tree, Dead Tree

Live Tree, Dead Tree

I took this picture on one of those gray days that can limit your photographing capabilities but also add many more new beauties. I would not have been able to get this shot with the sun out because the contrast would be too much. On this cloudy day it was beautiful and the gray bark looks extra gray. I liked this picture because I like to composition and because of the posible story with the live tree and the dead stump.

Wednesday, February 16

Day 47 Flames


This was one of those shots that was mostly an accident but turned out to be really cool. I was clicking around making lots of pictures outside then I came inside and didn't change the camera settings right away. Since it was in aperture priority mode the shutter speed went way down and the florescent lights made everything very yellow. The motion blur of the camera made these neat flame like patterns and I really liked how they seem to emanate from the barely distinguishable form of a person.

Tuesday, February 15

Day 46 Homework or Sleeping

Homework or Sleeping

I have been less motivated for my photography recently. I responded to that by trying to plan out my shots more. My girlfriend being the most accessible model got to pose for me. She actually was the one that thought of this shot showing falling asleep while doing homework.

Monday, February 14

Day 45 Sunset Moon

Sunset Moon

I liked this picture because of how a part of the farm is filled with this golden tree because of the setting sun. Then everything else is bright blue. Finally the moon shins out of the blue sky.

Sunday, February 13

Day 44 Flowing Colors

Flowing Colors

I was making pictures for a job I have been hired for and the sunset was throwing amazing colors around. I really liked the way the light was shinning through these lines of trees. When I was editing the picture I decided that even though I loved the light when I made the picture I wanted something else out of the final picture. I played around with Lightroom's presets and found one that got me close to what I wanted and this is what came of it. It is obviously edited but I'm okay with that and like how it turned out. 

Saturday, February 12

Day 43 Valentine Dance

Valentine Dance

At Scattergood we had a valentine party/dance. We had opened it up to other high schools in the area but sadly only one non-Scattergoodian showed up. It was still an awesome party with a lot of fun and some great dancing. there was also a "battle of the bands" competition. I made well over a hundred pictures so picking the photo for today was a challenge. I chose this one because it was clear and you could see their faces. I also liked it because it shows the valentine aspect of the dance.

Friday, February 11

Day 42 Live Boy's Dorm

Live Boy's Dorm

I waited till very late in the day to make this picture. I was in the dorm looking around for new pictures that I hadn't already made on other occasions. People are always changing a lot so I took some pictures of Jarret and Dan. I liked the energy in their expressions and think it tells much about dorm life. I don't like the quality of the light in this image the most but I think I got it to work.

Thursday, February 10

Day 41 Snow Tunnel

Snow Tunnel

There were a lot of snow creations over the week. This is a picture of one of the entrances to a quinsy, snow cave/house. It is really hard to get a good picture of a quinsy. I liked this one though because it snowed depth and I like the composition.

Wednesday, February 9

Day 40 DJ


I got this picture while a group of people were getting Henna tattoos. I liked it because I liked the pose I caught DJ in.

Tuesday, February 8

Day 39 Fun Feeding

Fun Feeding

This week is intersession at Scattergood. It is an awesome week where normal classes are canceled and everyone has new exciting classes for a week. My morning class is snow play and we had much fun being outdoors durring this cold snap. One of our activities was feeding the birds by using peanut butter to stick seeds onto trees. as you can see we had a lot of fun trying to do that. I liked this picture because of the story it reminds me of and Lake's smile.

Monday, February 7

Day 38 Driving Lights

Driving Lights

I enjoy taking pictures durring nighttime car rides. It is fun to play around with slow shutter speeds and fast moving red and white lights. The last time I did this my memory card got corrupted and I lost everything but this time I got some cool shots. I started getting really fancy and trying to make shapes with the lights by moving the camera. I think this one was supposed to be a infinity symbol. As you can tell the shapes didn't turn out to well but I did get some crazy light paths. I liked this one well just because it seemed to turn out nicely.

Sunday, February 6

Day 37 Dinner Bell

Dinner Bell

This bell is used at Scattergood to announce when it is time for meals to start. It is a very important bell to Scattergoodians because we all like food. I liked this picture because I thought it was a nice portrait of the bell.

Saturday, February 5

Day 36 Hold Turtle

Hold Turtle

A friend of mine has this cute little turtle. She likes to bring it out to hang with us like tonight when it joined in origami making. Of course it has to get cuddled with. I liked this picture because the human contact and the head being clearly visible.

Friday, February 4

Day 35 Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat

Jet is a stray cat that has been adopted by a family at Scattergood. He wonders around campus a lot and I really enjoy seeing him because it makes me miss my own pets less. For awhile now he has been trying to get into every building because it is cold outside. He has worms so we don't want him inside but he still manages to sneak in occasionally. It is really hard to get good pictures of him because he is so black but I liked how this one turned out.

Thursday, February 3

Day 34 Shinning Grave

Shinning Grave

Today I took a walk to the prairie with some friends and on the way back the lighting was really spectacular. I saw these bright colorful flowers on a grave and just had to get a picture. The amazing rich and colorful light made the colors of the plastic flowers stand out even more dramatically. I love the contrast between the bright colors and the grey snow and being in the setting of a grave yard adds even more art.

Wednesday, February 2

Day 33 After Effect

After Effect

This was taken on one of the few sunny days we have had in the past month. It also just so happened to be immediately following the major storm. Everything was, and still is, coated with snow. I liked this picture because you can actually separate the different snow covered branches because of the dark streaks from the not snow covered part of branches. This was one of the really cool and really snowy trees and looking very imposing.

Tuesday, February 1

Day 32 In from a Snowstorm

In from a Snowstorm

There was a massive blizzard for much of the US today and we were right in the middle of it. It was very exciting stepping out the door and seeing...well seeing nothing but snow going sideways very fast. I tried to shovel a path from Scattergood's main building to the boys dorm but by the time I got to one end the other end needed shoveling again. There were drifts higher then our wastes and the wind was blowing the snow everywhere. I love this picture because it is a good portrait of Sophia C and shows very clearly the wintery conditions. I liked the cool effect that my lens being foggy made causing it to look even more wintery.

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