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Monday, October 31

Day 304 Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter

We finally got a pile of wood some of wich was suposed to be already split but it needed more splitting. So the fall labor of hauling splitting and stacking wood began. I like this photograph because it shows multiple different elements of the wood splitting process. There is the axe the bigger and heavier the head the easier. The chopping block just a nice flat log from the pile. The partly split log sitting ready and waiting. And finally the split chunks laying on both sides. The one thing that is missing is that we actually did this on time and before the snow came.

Sunday, October 30

Day 303 Bear Lake

Bear Lake

Fortunately we didn't meat any bears at this lake but we did camp for a night along with a surprisingly large number of other hikers, it is late fall here in northern MN. This photograph was made just after we started hiking for the day. You can also see bean lake which is right next to this one. I was waiting at an overlook for Pablo to finish getting up the steep hill when I noticed the tree leaning out over the lake. I unpacked my camera and made a few shots and like this one best because if maintains the focus on the tree but includes the other lake in the background.

Saturday, October 29

Day 302 Silver Bay

Silver Bay

Today I hiked a part of the Superior Hiking Trail that I have not done before. It followed the hills just inland of Silver Bay. I got some nice views of the town that I have not had before. I like this photograph because of the S curve road and the orderly houses are visible over the wild trees in the foreground. This was made in the harsh noon light so it is a little contrasty but I managed to retain a good amount of color!

Friday, October 28

Day 301 Meal Time

Meal Time

Now I am going to do something different with this photograph. I like it but I am going to talk about all the different ways I think I could have made it soo much better. First of all the design on the plate is sideways I would straighten it. I would also remove the pot holders in the background or rearrange them in a way that adds to the photo instead of distracts from it. There is also a shadow in the top left edge from another plate that would be better gone. If I had the equipment I would also like to play around with the lighting, a flash, and its direction and softness.

Thursday, October 27

Day 300 Gold Mixer

Gold Mixer

This is actually a cement mixer but I like the golden glow provided by the setting sun. We have had this mixer for ages and don't use it very often. But it still works and sits around waiting for a time we need it again.

Wednesday, October 26

Day 299 80 Feet Up

80 Feet Up

David, my dad, climbed the 80 foot electric wind generator to try and fix it today. I was busy chopping wood but took a break to photograph him. I made all sorts of photographs looking up the tower at David but I like this photo best because of the framing from the trees. I also like how David is perched on the tower right in the middle of the open sky.

Tuesday, October 25

Day 298 Summer's End

Summer's End

I like that both main things in this photograph signify fall. Without seeing anything more the viewer can connect to the environment. I also like the detail in the seeding flowers and the shadows made by the dried leaves. The all black background also helps keep the focus on the bouquet.

Monday, October 24

Day 297 Alpacas


I was visiting my grandparents today and got to see the alpacas my aunt has. They are very pretty and three of them lived at my families farm for a year. I like the composition of this photograph and the intense way that it is looking and me and my camera.

Sunday, October 23

Day 296 Laura's Family

Laura's Family

This morning my parents wanted a family photo so we wrestled everyone together and Laura made it for us. I then got one of her with her mom and brother. Our photo was okay but this one was better. I appreciate my flash's capability of filling the shadows that really helped this photograph out.

Saturday, October 22

Day 295 Fighting Leap

Fighting Leap

I enjoy the challenge of photographing sports. I am constantly trying to predict what will happen where so that I can be ready for it. above and beyond that major difficulty the lighting is often harsh, the distance great and the action fast. I believe I managed alright in this photograph. I also like the interaction between the three jumpers and the watchers.

Friday, October 21

Day 294 Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

I spent the weekend photographing Scattergood Day for Scattergood Friends School where I just graduated from. I like the interkit design in the frosting and the very shallow depth of field.

Thursday, October 20

Day 293 Split Rock Waves

Split Rock Waves

My last day of work at Split Rock Lighthouse was a nice wavy one. The neat thing was that it wasn't very windy at lease not where I was. I got to the shore just as the light was fading but that worked fine because I could get nice slow exposures and smooth water. This is my favorite of the many photographs I got of the waves. I like the composition and how big and spraying powerful the wave is. It was one of the biggest waves I photographed. I had been watching the shore and waves all day and had noticed that this was the spot the waves were the bigest and tallest.

Wednesday, October 19

Day 292 I'v Got An Itch

I'v Got An Itch

Yet another photograph of a pet but I just couldn't pass this one up. There was a different one of Zuly that had nice lighting and Zuly looking over her shoulder at the camera but this one shows just the right moment. Pets are wonderful!

Tuesday, October 18

Day 291 Friendly Cat

Friendly Cat

I have been making many photographs of my pets recently probably largely because I have been waiting till the very last minute to get my photos for the day. I do like this one though especially the way she is looking out from under my leg and arm. I was trying to photograph the cat but she wouldn't stop coming closer to me for petting. I ended up having to block her with my knee and arm and stretch up until I could focus properly.

Monday, October 17

Day 290 Sleepy Dog

Sleepy Dog

I make way too many photographs of my pets. They are ready and willing models but things start to get repetitive. I do like this photograph though and think it is a new moment I have been able to photograph. I am particularly happy with how the focus is right on zuly's eyes.

Sunday, October 16

Day 289 Garden Plant

Garden Plant

I have been having loads of fun with my flash the light is a little harsh but being able to have it off the camera opens up huge possibilities. I like the contrast of the purple and green. I also like all the twists and curls and the bright highlights and shadows they form.

Saturday, October 15

Day 288 Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

I saw a photograph with a simular view of the lighthouse and wanted to try and get it myself. I like the results immensely. I especially like the colorful flowers in the foreground working with the blue sky.

Friday, October 14

Day 287 Laura


I have been having a lot of fun playing around with my new flash and I am loving all the new creative possibilities. I like this photograph because of the nice smile as well as the way the bottom left corner is a blurred haze.

Thursday, October 13

Day 286 Rainbow Over Lake Superior

Rainbow Over Lake Superior

I was driving home one day when I had to stop because there was this amazing double rainbow over Lake Superior. The second rainbow was not real bright but the main one was brilliant. I went through all sorts of compositions but I liked the symmetry of this one.

Wednesday, October 12

Day 285 Golden Oil

Golden Oil

I made this okay photograph of a jug of vegetable oil. Unfortunately I didn't like the background. I found a remide by cropping it in close so it changed into an abstract photograph of glistening gold. That was what had first attracted me to make the photograph so I am very happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, October 11

Day 284 Moonshine


Believe it or not this photograph was made at night by moonlight. The moon actually provides a decent amount of light as long as you use a tripod and a long exposure. The really amazing thing though is that the photograph can very easily look like it was made durring the day. I always have fun with moonshots especially when there is sky visible so you can see star trails. That is not the case with this one but I still like it.

Monday, October 10

Day 283 Flame


I like photographing candles the flames dance and flare around and there is something mesmerizing about fire. The challenge is finding a balanced exposure. There will always be a lot of darkness and the flame itself will always be overexposed but there can still be harmony. Seeing the bright spot of light coming out of the darkness is part of candles beauty.

Sunday, October 9

Day 282 Grumpy Kitty

Grumpy Kitty

Today Laura went all over making photographs. By the time I got the camera it was late so I decided to use one of Laura's photos. I liked this one best because of the cats very distinct expression. She was napping with me when Laura showed up and started flashing her. I guess this photograph shows what she thought of that, grumpy that her nap was disturbed.

Saturday, October 8

Day 281 Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

I was the photographer for a wedding today. It was a very non conventional one but that made it all the more interesting to try and photograph effectively. At the reception there was lots of great food but this one fruit collection was just so amazingly beautiful. I wish I could say my photography skill made this photograph great but the wonderful fruit really did most of the work, I only had to see it.

Friday, October 7

Day 280 Spotlight


I was called up to the lighthouse because the sun was spotlighting through the cloudy sky. It made all sorts of neat patterns on the land and water. It was difficult to photograph but if I just excepted the sunspots being blow out then it worked out fine. I like this one because of the one lone sunspot and the large amount of water in the frame.

Thursday, October 6

Day 279 Split Rock Lighthouse, On A Cliff

Split Rock Lighthouse, On A Cliff

I liked this view of the lighthouse especially looking through the leaves and branches. I made this just after work when I saw the light had just turned golden.

Tuesday, October 4

Day 277 Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

This isn't a common fall harvest but I thought it was photogenic. It is a bunch of gathered colors for a bouquette. I liked the table setting and all the different elements of the historic home.

Monday, October 3

Day 276 Fall Glow

Pink Fly

Planes fly by Split Rock Lighthouse all the time and often very very close. I like this photograph because of the nice pinkish sky and the land and sea, wait no it is Lake Superior.

Sunday, October 2

Day 275 Fall Glow

Fall Glow

I was just walking home after having run into an impassable section of what used to be a trail. The sun was in the last stages of setting and I happened to look up and saw on the hillside some trees that were in wonderful color and lit by the golden sun. As the sun kept getting lower and lower I kept needing to scramble further and further up the steep hill to be able to catch the light. I ended up hanging onto a tree trunk and leaning back to make the photograph looking way up. It was challenging but well worth it with the wonderful photos I got.

Saturday, October 1

Day 274 Black-Capped Chickadee in Fall

Black-Capped Chickadee in Fall

The bird feeders are up at last just as the fall colors are shinning. I liked how there were a bunch of Chickadees flitting around surrounded by glowing colors. This one is my favorite because of how the Chickadee looks like it has a spiky head of hair.

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